Don’t use WordPIN as the only storage location for your numeric codes!


  • Make sure you keep the original codes somewhere in a safe place
  • If you delete WordPIN, you also delete all codes stored in WordPIN
  • WordPIN does not back up your codes somewhere on the internet or cloud
    For this reason you must re-enter the codes during a re-installation 

 WordPIN is not liable for loss of numeric codes in any form!



That is a good idea!

A simple way to make a secure backup of your codes that you have entrusted to WordPIN is as follows:

  1. Open WordPIN and click on an account
  2. Take a screenshot of the code table and save it in your photo collection
  3. Do this with all other accounts and collect them in a folder

This way you always have a safe copy of the code as a photo in your phone and a possible cloud environment.

You can save or print these screenshots safely, because nobody can find your code without the secret word. See the manual from your phone how to make a screenshot.